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Hints and tips for teachers considering overseas jobs.

The opportunities for qualified teachers to teach internationally are expanding at an unprecedented rate. International Schools Research from 2018 shows growth rates for english-medium schools in double digit percentages across both Asia and the Middle East, with the established European market also growing faster than the global economy. This growth is projected to continue through to 2028, with demand for teachers set to expand from 467,000 teachers to 715,000 teachers in that time.

If you're trained in western pedagogical techniques, and considering teaching abroad, we're here to help. Follow the links below to find your next overseas job, and a few hints and tips along the way.

There's a Whole World of Teaching Opportunities

Click one of the regions below to find out more about what schools we're partnered with in that region, what it's like to live and teach there, and why you may want to make it your next home.

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